What Is a List of Foods That a Diabetic Can Eat?


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The best foods for diabetics include whole-grain foods such as brown rice, whole-wheat flour, cereal and bread; fresh or canned low-sodium vegetables; and fresh fruit. Meats that are grilled, broiled, baked or stewed are also good choices, according to WebMD. Diabetics should choose low-fat dairy products and nonhydrogenated vegetable oils.

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What Is a List of Foods That a Diabetic Can Eat?
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When choosing vegetables, diabetics should opt for nonstarchy vegetables that are eaten raw, roasted, grilled or slightly steamed, notes WebMD. Plain frozen vegetables are also recommended. Some good options include greens, kale, arugula, spinach and lettuce. Avoid canned vegetables with added sodium, pickled vegetables and vegetables with sauce, cheese or butter.

Select fruits that are either fresh or frozen plain without any sugars, advises WebMD. Choose sugar-free or reduced-sugar preserves and jams, and opt for 100 percent fruit juices and applesauce with no added sugar. Avoid regular jellies and jams, canned fruits with heavy syrup added, and chewy fruit roll snacks.

Diabetics should go for lower-fat meat cuts, including top sirloin, according to WebMD. Turkey bacon, fish, and skinless turkey or chicken breasts are good options. Protein can also be obtained through beans, nuts and eggs. Avoid fried meats, high-fat meats such as pork or bacon, and chicken that still has its skin.

Dairy products for the diabetics include 1 percent or skim milk, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream, suggests WebMD. Choose reduced-fat mayonnaise and salad dressings, and use nonhydrogenated margarine and butter spreads.

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