What Is a List of Compound Exercises?


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A list of compound exercises includes the squat lift exercise, the dumbbell lunge and the deadlift, according to Elizabeth Quinn of About.com. Compound exercises refer to multijoint movements that use several muscles or muscle groups simultaneously.

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Compound exercises help burn more calories during exercise, simulate real-world exercises and enable a person to achieve a full-body workout faster, Quinn explains. They also improve balance, coordination and reaction time. The squat exercise engages numerous muscles in the lower body and core, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, calves, lower back and core. The full squat exercise is a weight-training exercise that promotes muscle strength, power, tone and core strength. The correct execution of this type of exercise involves using a squat rack, which improves the safety of the exercise. The dumbbell lunge is an exercise that can be performed with dumbbells held at the sides or at shoulder level, with a barbell behind the neck on the shoulders or without weights. It works the muscles of the buttocks and the upper leg muscles.

The deadlift exercise is generally done with a bar and plates or a fixed barbell, says Quinn. It works the front thighs, hamstrings, buttocks and lower back. This compound exercise uses advanced variations with alternative leg and grip positions.

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