What Is the List of the Causes of Enterococcus?


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There is not a list of causes for enterococcus because enterococcus is a kind of bacteria that lives naturally in humans on their skin and in their intestines according to WebMD. However, vancomycin-resistant enterococci, or VRE, is a bacteria that can resist antibiotics and give people infections that are easily spread to other people.

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VRE infections are difficult to fully get rid of because antibiotics are unable to treat the condition as effectively reports WebMD. Doctors have to try different types of antibiotics to determine what antibiotics will treat the condition. Most healthy people will not be affected by a VRE infection because VRE is most often only found in people that have weak immune systems due to surgery, another illness or old age.

Surprisingly, medical experts have yet to determine why some people will be exposed to the VRE infection and develop the infection while others will not reports WebMD. It is known, however, that the VRE infection is spread through close contact as well as through the air in some rarer cases. The infections that come with the VRE infection are not always in the same place either. A person can experience a VRE infection site in their urinary tract, in wounds that have not yet fully healed, in their intestines or on any other part of their body.

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