How Do You Find a List of Autoimmune Disorders?


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The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association has an extensive list of autoimmune diseases totaling over 50 on their website, and many of these include descriptions. According to AARDA, they are the only national non-profit that is dedicated specifically to bringing national focus to autoimmunity.

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AARDA says, autoimmune diseases occur when the cells that are meant to protect the body make a mistake and attack the body's cells. Although autoimmunity affects all people to some extent, it does not usually result in disease. However, it does affect about one in five people in the U.S.

Autoimmune disorders are distinguished as organ-specific and non-organ-specific, and they can result in slow destruction of a certain type of cell, enlargement of an organ, or interference in an organ's functions, according to AARDA.

Treating autoimmune disorders focuses on correcting whichever specific deficiency the disease causes. This includes replacing parts of the blood through transfusion or replacing hormones that are not produced effectively. Because autoimmunity affects the ability of the immune system to function effectively, treatment also includes controlling the body's ability to fight other disease, states the AARDA.

Although the potential for developing autoimmune disease is controlled by a dominant genetic trait, this trait alone is not enough to cause the development of an autoimmune disease, says AARDA.

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