What Is the List of Anticoagulants?


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A list of anticoagulants includes coumarins and indandiones, factor Xa inhibitors, heparins and thrombin inhibitors, according to Drugs.com. These are classes of anticoagulants and are different in the ways they prevent dangerous blood clots.

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Warfarin is a type of coumarin, says Drugs.com. Taken orally, it inhibits the functioning of an enzyme that recycles vitamin K, a vitamin that is crucial in blood clotting. Warfarin is the generic form of brand-name drugs such as Jantoven and Coumadin, and doctors use it to treat patients who are at risk for pulmonary embolisms or deep vein thromboses.

Doctors also prescribe factor Xa inhibitors to treat thromboses and embolisms, according to PubMed.gov. Sold under the names Rivaroxaban, ApixabaIt, Edoxaban and Dabigatran, they also prevent stroke in people who have atrial fibrillation. People who suffer from liver disease should take these drugs with care.

Heparins also treat deep vein thromboses, according to WebMD. The two types of heparin used for this are low-molecular-weight heparin and unfractionated heparin. Patients can take the former at home, while they receive the latter in the hospital. Low-molecular-weight heparins prevent the formation of new blood clots while stopping existing blood clots from growing. Brand names of heparin include Fragmin, Lovenox and Innohep.

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