What Is a List of Anaerobic Exercises?

Anaerobic exercises include sets of resistance training, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and sprints. Also included are hand stands that are completed in under 3 minutes. Swim sprints of 400 meters or less, a track dash of 800 meters or less and all ball, puck, and combat sports are also anaerobic.

Aerobic and anaerobic refer to the type of energy that an exercise uses. Aerobic exercises use oxygen as an energy source while anaerobic exercises use phosphocreatine and glycogen. Anaerobic exercise is used to build power and muscle which is helpful for athletes who require short bursts of strength or speed such as weightlifters and soccer players. Aerobic exercise is used to increase stamina for activities that take place over longer periods of time such as cross country running, mountain climbing, and triathlons.

Anaerobic exercises like lifting weights, push-ups and squats help tone existing muscle and build additional lean muscle mass. Aerobic exercises such as running on the treadmill, using an elliptical trainer or riding a bike will help increase the bodies metabolic rate, burn fat and reveal the muscle that was hidden underneath. A successful weight loss plan will include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to maximize and balance the bodies strength and stamina.