Does the Liquid Stuff Detox Drink Work?


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Detox drinks only work by assisting a person in losing a few pounds, according to WebMD. However, pounds lost through methods such as the Liquid Stuff program are likely to return.

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Other than the benefit of losing some pounds, the claims of detox drinks are false, states WebMD. They may help with losing weight, but weight lost in this way rarely stays off. Also, the drinks can be dangerous to a person's health.

One of the claims with detox drinks is that they flushes toxins out of the body. This is untrue of detox drinks in general, according to WebMD, and this is an unhealthy approach. With these drinks, people typically feel a lot of weakness, because the they are detoxing with a low-calorie diet that includes food deprivation. This low-calorie diet is especially dangerous for diabetics, because it can potentially lead to a low blood sugar level.

Another claim is that toxins can build up in the kidney, liver or any other place in the body. On the contrary, the body is designed to rid itself of toxins no matter what food is eaten, explains WebMD. Therefore, a so-called wonder detox system is a myth. The best way to eliminate toxins out of the body is by eating fruits and vegetables, and by drinking plenty of water.

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