What Does a Liquid Diet Consist Of?


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A liquid diet consists of fluids or any food product that melts at room temperature and becomes a liquid. However, there are different types of liquid diets, such as clear and full liquid diets. A clear liquid diet is made up of fluids, such as water, clear broth, fruit juices that do not contain pulp and gelatin, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Doctors may recommend this type of diet for different purposes, including prior to some medical procedures or surgery and for patients who have certain types of digestive conditions. This diet is recommended for short-term use because it does not provide the required daily amounts of nutrients or calories needed by the body.

A full liquid diet consists of fluids and foods that may be clear or creamy in consistency. Besides those liquids found in a clear liquid diet, a full liquid diet can include foods, such as strained soups, ice cream, tea, protein supplement drinks, soda and juices containing pulp, states MedlinePlus. Full liquid diets may be used for a longer period of time or as directed by a physician.

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