How Is a Liquid Diet Beneficial for Diverticulitis?


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Although a liquid diet is not a cure for diverticulitis, it is prescribed in mild or severe cases and when taking antibiotics to give the digestive system a rest, states Mayo Clinic. Treatment can also include surgery in more severe cases, explains WebMD.

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How Is a Liquid Diet Beneficial for Diverticulitis?
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Diverticulitis is an inflammation or infection of small bulging pouches in the intestines called diverticula. Symptoms associated with diverticulitis include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and bloating, though some patients do not experience symptoms and the condition goes undetected. The major cause of diverticulitis is a diet low in fiber. The continents with the lowest incidence of diverticulitis are Asia and Africa because the inhabitants have high-fiber diets, according to WebMD.

A liquid diverticulitis diet, such as water, ice pops, broth, fruit juice and tea or coffee without cream, is integrated into treatment. As the condition improves, patients start a low-fiber diet, says Mayo Clinic. A low-fiber diet includes cooked or canned fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry, white rice, pasta, noodles, milk, yogurt, cheese and refined white bread. Avoiding the skin and seed in fruit and skins on potatoes should help the patient feel better within two to three days. If recovery takes longer, contact a physician for further treatment options.

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