What Are Lipotropic Injections Used for and What Are the Side Effects?

Lipotropic injections are used in weight-loss treatment programs to help with the dissolution of body fat, and the procedure has mild side effects, according to Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss. The side effects of lipotropic injections side have been reported as mild to non-existent, with some users reporting tenderness in the injection areas, stomach discomfort and fatigue. Such symptoms were not long-lasting.

Lipotropic injections are used for situations in which traditional weight-loss and weight-management regimens have proven ineffective. Lipotropics effectively make the liver produce more than the normal amounts of lecithin, a chemical that is essential in the breakdown of larger fat cells that the body uses as long-term energy stores, reports Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss. The fat cells are broken into smaller fatty acids used by the body first for immediate energy needs. In addition to its ability to break down fat cells, lecithin also functions as an emulsifier, allowing the fatty acids to mix more readily with water in the body and flush out of the problem areas.

The injection of lipotropics is considered a much more efficient delivery system than taking the medication orally. Injection in this case is particularly more effective, because the compounds can be delivered to the area of concern to begin their work immediately.