How Is Liposuction for Men Different From Liposuction for Women?


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Fat behaves differently in the bodies of men and women, and this can affect a surgeon's approach to liposuction for male versus female patients. Men's fat sticks more closely to the muscle it covers than that of women, in addition to being more dense and more fibrous. This makes men's fat more stubborn than women's to separate from any given area of the body in surgery, as well as more difficult to remove, shares Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery.

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How Is Liposuction for Men Different From Liposuction for Women?
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The areas of the body that men and women most often request for liposuction are different. Men are most likely to ask for liposuction to remove fat from the abdominal area and from the neck, while women opt for the surgery to remove fat from the hips and thighs. The one area from which men and women both request fat removal via liposuction is the obliques, which are also known as love handles, according to Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery.

Another difference between men and women in liposuction surgery is the amount of fat that they request to remove. With the typical goal of achieving a toned frame, men most often request small amounts that hide muscle definition for removal. Conversely, the typical goal of women in liposuction is to gain a thin appearance, and this can make the requested volume of fat removal far more substantial, states Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery.

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