What Is Lipoma Surgery?


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Lipoma surgery is a procedure designed to remove a lipoma growth from the skin. According to WebMD, lipoma growths are not cancerous and do not require surgery, but they may be removed for cosmetic reasons or if they become painful, inflamed, infected or begin to interfere with movement.

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Mayo Clinic describes a lipoma as a slow-growing fatty lump that generally forms right beneath the skin. The growth is easy to identify, and some people have more than one. Lipomas can develop in people of all ages, but they generally affect people in middle age. According to WebMD, the growths are harmless and don't need to be removed, but those who choose to remove them generally have the procedure done in a doctor's office or at an outpatient surgery center.

During the process of removing lipoma growths, doctors generally inject local anesthesia around the lipoma before making an incision in the skin and removing it, notes WebMD. The incision is then closed with stitches. If the growth is located in an area that is difficult to reach, a doctor may choose to perform surgery under general anesthesia to remove the lipoma. According to Healthline, surgery is the most common method of removing these growths, but a lipoma can also be removed through liposuction or the use of steroid injections.

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