Does Lipo-Flavonoid Work Well for Tinnitus Relief?


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As of February 2015, there have been no reliable clinical studies showing that lipo-flavonoid relieves tinnitus, reports ConsumerLab.com. Lipo-flavonoid is a supplement marketed to people with ear aches, ear infections, ringing in the ears and other ear problems.

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Lipo-flavonoid contains B vitamins, vitamin C and eriodictyol glycoside, among other ingredients. A 1947 study described the use of pyridoxine, or vitamin B-6, to treat vertigo. Another paper published in the 1960s described the treatment of Meniere's disease with a lemon flavonoid complex containing eriodictyol glycoside. Participants of both studies reported improvement of their symptoms, leading researchers to believe a product containing B-6 and eriodictyol glycoside would help people with tinnitus and other ear problems.

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