Are Lipo Fat-Burning Injections Safe?


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Fat-dissolving injections can cause infection, disfigurement, inflammation and tissue death, reports WebMD. They may also cause stress on the liver. The treatment is still insufficiently researched to be considered safe.

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Patients should avoid the treatment if they suffer from conditions such as diabetes, liver or kidney diseases, or if they are pregnant or nursing, states WebMD. They should also exercise special care if they suffer from cardiovascular problems. WebMD also notes that the American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warns against the treatment, and that some countries, such as Brazil and Germany, forbid or restrict it.

Fat-burning injections, such as the brand Lipodissolve, contain a cocktail of chemicals such as the soybean derivative phosphatidylcholine, and do have a proven ability to dissolve fat, according to WebMD.

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