How Is Lip Sized Reduced With Lip Reduction Surgery?


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Lip size can be reduced with lip reduction surgery where a horizontal incision is made on the inside of the lips before excess fat and tissue is removed, and the incision is stitched closed, according to Doc Shop. This procedure can be performed on both the upper and lower lip to improve the proportions of one's facial features.

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Ideal Candidates

Those who opt for lip reduction surgery either already have naturally large lips or are unhappy with the results of a lip augmentation surgery that they may have had previously. Ideal candidates need to be in good health, and must have quit smoking for at least a month before the surgery is performed.

Recovery Period

Lip reduction surgery is considered to be a minor surgery in comparison to other cosmetic surgeries that are performed nowadays. Most patients recover fully within several days to a week, and can go back to work. During the days immediately after the surgery, patients should rest, apply ice to the lips to minimize swelling and pain and also take pain medications. The stitches are dissolvable, so additional visits to the surgeon will not be necessary.

Risks Involved

Lip reduction surgery is considered to be relatively simple and non-invasive. As a result, the risks involved are quite minimal. Some patients have experienced mild side effects, which include slight pain, swelling, bruising and even redness. More severe side effects are typically when an infection has occurred.

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