How Do You Lighten Your Eye Color?


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To achieve the appearance of a lighter eye color, wear color eye contacts, explains Lamorinda Optometry. Some people believe that putting diluted honey in the eyes can lighten the color, but there is not much evidence to support these claims, explains Go Ask Alice! from Columbia Health.

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It is also not true that increased sun exposure can cause the eyes to lighten in color over time, nor are there any eye drops available to lighten the eyes, notes HealthTap. Not only can staring into the sun not lighten eye color, but it can also lead to irreversible vision loss.

Although there are no known ways to lighten the color of a person's natural eyes, color contacts allow individuals to make their eyes appear a wide range of colors, explains Lamorinda Optometry. The contacts, which make it possible to achieve anything from a slightly lighter color to a completely different hue, come in both prescription and nonprescription options, allowing even those who have perfect eyesight to sport a different iris color. Those who wear corrective contact lenses or glasses can get a pair of color contact lenses customized to their prescription so they can correct their vision problems and lighten their eye color simultaneously. Some color contacts combine several hues at once to achieve a look that is as natural as possible.

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