How Does Light Force Adjustment Work?


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As of 2015, light force adjustment works by applying a specific amount of force to the spine in order to adjust muscle, ligament and bone tissue, according to Shephard Clinic of the Chiropractic Arts. This approach replaces traditional chiropractic methods of spinal manipulation with a more gentle technique that is safer and provides better results.

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Chiropractors use several devices to perform light force adjustment, including one called an Arthrostim, which provides highly accurate spinal manipulation, says the Shephard Clinic of the Chiropractic Arts. Light force chiropractic methods work well with exercise rehabilitation and physical therapy to restore health. Patients with osteoporosis, disk problems, postsurgery discomfort and spinal trauma benefit from controlled force chiropractic treatment.

Directional nonforce technique is the original approach to light force chiropractic adjustment, states Dr. Aine Sweeney. Directional nonforce technique relieves nerve interference that causes poor health and pain by repairing misaligned parts of the body. Chiropractors use directional nonforce technique on patients who dislike the potential discomfort and popping sounds sometimes caused by conventional chiropractic methods. Directional nonforce technique employs a less invasive approach that requires only a light thrust to correctly align body structures. Using this light force technique, chiropractors can realign specific areas of the spine, such as the neck or lower back, with two to eight sessions, while a full spinal correction may require six to 10 visits.

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