How Do You Lift Weights?


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To lift weights properly, it's important to keep a few basic strategies in mind. Always warm up before beginning a weight lifting session to prevent the muscles from sustaining an injury. A warm-up may consist of doing a few minutes of light cardiovascular exercise. When lifting weights, always move in a slow, rhythmic motion, remembering to keep the proper form while tightening and releasing the muscles.

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The proper technique for lifting weights also includes setting a specific goal. Goals may involve advancing to heavier weights over a certain period of time or losing a certain amount of weight.

Breathing properly is also very important in weight lifting. Don't hold the breath during the lifts or releases, and make sure all movements allow full range of motion. This requires ensuring that weights are not too heavy or light for your level of ability. Lifting the correct-sized weights also assists with maintaining good posture throughout the workout, which helps with balance and protects the spine as well.

Periodically increasing the weight levels can keep the routine from becoming staid and the muscles from reaching a plateau. On the other hand, muscles need time to recover and should be allowed a bit of rest in between weight lifting sessions. Muscles grow during resting periods, so working one group of muscles on one day and another group on the next is advisable.

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