How Do You Lift?


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Proper lifting procedure uses the muscles in the legs rather than those in the back to get things done. By bending the knees when grasping an object close to the body and then standing up, the leg muscles, which are much stronger than those in the back, are engaged.

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Before lifting, place the feet shoulder width apart. This provides the balance necessary to avoid falling when lifting. To avoid stumbling, take short steps when moving objects. When taking turns with the object in your hands, also use multiple small steps to make the turn to avoid twisting the body and harming the spine.

Holding the lifted object as close to the body as possible also adds to stability, both during the lift as well as when moving with the object. Keep the back straight at all times when lifting to avoid doing damage by placing too much stress on the spine. Tightening the stomach just before and during lifting can help maintain the proper positioning of the back. Focusing the eyes slightly upwards also helps to position the back properly prior to and during the lifting process. A back belt is useful when lifting to reduce strain on the lower back further and to keep the stomach muscles tightened.

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