What Is LifeWatch Connect?


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LifeWatch Connect is an interactive health monitoring account through LifeWatch, a supplier of home cardiac monitoring systems and sleep testing services. After speaking with a physician and signing up for an account through LifeWatch, patients and caretakers can log in to LifeWatch Connect to monitor cardiac activity and sleep disorders, states the LifeWatch website.

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LifeWatch provides a portal for professional physicians to view and monitor a patient's health and progress in a treatment plan for cardiac diseases and sleep disorders. LifeWatch employs a team of trained medical aides to review the content gathered by a home monitoring system before sending the report to the ordering physician. A LifeWatch Connect account also comes with live 24-hour assistance from clinicians and health technicians, states LifeWatch.

Patients, caretakers and physicians have access to enrollment procedures and online retrieval, viewing, printing and archiving of patient reports with a LifeWatch Connect account. Systems and programs that come with a LifeWatch Connect account include ambulatory cardiac telemetry, the stroke patient care program, home sleep testing, event and Holter monitoring, A-fib management program and clinical research, as of 2015.

While the cardiac monitoring system provided by LifeWatch Connect transmits to a cellular device and to trained experts, it is not a method to use for emergency needs. If an emergency occurs, patients should still call emergency services, reports LifeWatch.

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