How Is a Lifestyle Lift Performed?


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A Lifestyle Lift is done by making an S-shaped incision near the ears and pulling the facial muscles taut, then removing the excess skin, according to HowStuffWorks. If necessary, liposuction is also performed around the neck.

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Good candidates for a Lifestyle Lift are those who are within 30 percent of ideal weight, nonsmokers and those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, states HowStuffWorks. People who get Lifestyle Lifts should also be emotionally stable, should limit caffeine intake, and should drink fewer than 5 ounces of alcohol per week. Those who have medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, depression or obesity are not good candidates for a Lifestyle Lift.

As with all surgeries, there are risks associated with a Lifestyle Lift, explains HowStuffWorks. Serious side effects from a Lifestyle Lift are quite rare, but they do happen. Those who are in good health going into the procedure have the least risk of developing complications. Some of the major complications that may occur during or following a Lifestyle Lift include airway obstruction, blood loss, brain damage and heart attack. Other complications include nerve damage, stroke, infection, temporary paralysis and blood clots. The risks of this procedure also depend on the patient's age, skin color and if the patient follows instructions from the surgeon following surgery.

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