What Does a Lifestyle Face Lift Entail?


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According to a CBS report, a Lifestyle Lift is a less invasive type of face lift that targets only the lower part of the face. During the procedure, fat is removed and the underlying muscle and fascia, rather than the skin itself, is tightened.

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In addition to being less invasive, Lifestyle Lifts appeal to some patients because they do not require general anesthesia, reports CBS8. Patients are given oral sedatives and injections of lidocaine, and remain conscious throughout the entire procedure. They are able to walk in and out the same day. Lifestyle Lifts also reported to be minimally painful.

Lifestyle Lift has been notoriously tight-lipped about the details of the procedure, says CBS8. However, due to their track record of fraudulent marketing, claims of the Lifestyle Lift company should be approached with caution, according to the New York Times. In 2009 the company settled with the state of New York after it required employees to post fake positive reviews. A 2013 settlement with the state of Florida came after the company was accused of making inflated claims, reports USA Today.

Surgery facilities are not required to be accredited unless they use intravenous medications to cause a partial loss of consciousness. Not all Lifestyle Lift facilities are accredited, says USA Today.

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