Are There Any Life Threatening Side Effects of Super Beta Prostate?


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Super beta prostate and its active ingredient, beta-sistosterol, have not shown any life-threatening side effects. The majority of complaints center around gastrointestinal issues and erectile dysfunction but have been mild. Beta-sisterol has proven effective for many users with regard to prostate problems, according to Progressive Health and WebMD.

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People take Super Beta Prostate and use other products that contain beta-sisterol for difficulty with urinating because of enlargement in the prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. While the medication does address some of the symptoms of this condition, it doesn't reduce the size of enlarged prostates. Beta-sisterol does reduce the levels of total and "bad," or LDL, cholesterol in the bloodstream, states WebMD.

In addition to beta-sistosterol, Super Beta Prostate also contains zinc, vitamin D and selenium, three nutrients that all have links to improvement in prostate health from independent research. The fact that Super Beta Prostate has sold more than five million units and has been available for sale for more than a decade as of 2015 without causing more than mild side effects indicates a track record of safety, states Progressive Health.

People who suffer from sitosterolemia, an inherited fat storage disease that is rare, already have too much beta-sistosterol in their systems and are at risk for early heart disease. Taking medicines with beta-sistosterol worsens this condition, so these individual shouldn't take Super Beta Prostate, notes WebMD.

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