What Is the Life Expectancy of Someone With Brain Cancer?


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There are many types and stages of brain cancer, all of which have varying survival rates, states the American Cancer Society. Life expectancy is based on five-year survival rates, which are at best rough estimates.

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What Is the Life Expectancy of Someone With Brain Cancer?
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Five-year survival rates are largely dependent on a patient's age, location and type of tumor, and whether the tumor can be removed surgically, according to the American Cancer Society. For example, the five-year survival rate for 20- to 44-year-old patients with a low-grade astrocytoma is 65 percent. A patient who is 55 to 64 years of age with the same type of tumor has a five-year survival rate of 21 percent.

Glioblastoma has one of the lower five-year survival rates for all ages, from 6 to 17 percent. Meningiomas and ependymoma have higher five-year survival rates, which range from 67 to 92 percent. Information on specific types of brain cancer, including survival rates, can be found online at the American Cancer Society's website.

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