What Is the Life Expectancy After Being Diagnosed With Cirrhosis of the Liver?


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About 85 percent of people diagnosed with liver cirrhosis can expect to survive five years, but the condition's severity determines whether the percentage increases or decreases, according to Baylor Scott & White Health. About 67 percent of primary biliary cirrhosis patients remain asymptomatic and complete a normal life span.

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Determining a prognosis is difficult for doctors, because they typically cannot determine when the cirrhosis began, notes Baylor Scott & White Health. The chance of surviving more than five years after diagnosis is 60 percent or less for alcoholics who do not stop consuming alcohol, but it goes as high as 85 percent for those who no longer consume it. Hepatitis B or C patients have a five-year survival rate of about 71 to 85 percent after receiving their diagnoses. The average survival time declines when jaundice and other liver damage symptoms appear.

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