How Do Libra Men Act When They Are in Love?

Libra men are generally considered hopeless romantics and tend to fall in love very easily. They are known for being very balanced humans, and their astrological sign is the scales. Libras, therefore, work to make their romantic endeavors an equal partnership.

A Libra man is the quintessential heart-on-his-sleeve romantic when he is in love and tends to be very faithful. It is said that a Libra man is happiest when he's in a relationship and therefore commits to creating a long-lasting romantic partnership. He craves the perfect relationship and is determined to find a partner with whom he can have it. Once he has found such a mate and fallen in love, he is devoted and strives to create an equilibrium.

Stability and harmony are very important to a Libra man in love, and he would never intentionally hurt his partner with either words or actions, though his gregarious personality may sometimes come off as flirting. When a Libra man is in love, he is straightforward and does not lead on or stand up his partner. The Libra man is nothing if not fair, and this is likely to shine through in any romantic spats or quarrels between him and his partner.