What Does Leukoplakia Treatment Involve?


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According to the Mayo Clinic, leukoplakia treatment usually involves stopping the use of tobacco or alcohol products. Treatment also includes the use of a scalpel, laser or cold probe by your dentist to remove leukoplakia patches. If a treating physician suggests treatment, systemic medications such as Zovirax or Retrovir or topical medications such as podophyllum is prescribed.

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Leukoplakia affects the tongue and the inside lining of the cheeks. According to Healthline.com, mild leukoplakia does not require treatment, because it can go away on its own and usually does not present complications or symptoms. Severe leukoplakia is treated immediately to prevent the development of more serious conditions, such as oral cancer.

A dentist can determine if a patient has leukoplakia or oral thrush, as these two medical conditions are easily confused. Leukoplakia patches look gray or white and have a thick raised surface, and lesions are rough or textured, sensitive to touch or changes in temperature and present for weeks or months. Red spots indicate a more serious problem, but according to MedicalPoint.org, only 4 percent of the total number of leukoplakia cases have been precancerous or malignant. Seeing a dentist and getting check-ups regularly helps prevent leukoplakia, especially for smokers and drinkers.

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