How Do You Get a Letter Confirming Pregnancy?


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Medical forms that a doctor can fill out to confirm a person's pregnancy status are available for download on websites such as freemedicalforms.com. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services also provides such forms on its website and similar programs in other states may also provide these forms. Doctors, midwives, or other medical service providers may also issue a proof of pregnancy form, or write a separate pregnancy verification letters as required by their patients.

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Community clinics may provide a free pregnancy verification after a positive pregnancy test, states the Pregnancy Medical Clinic. Insurance providers, such as Anthem Blue Cross, usually require pregnancy verification for pregnancy-related medical coverage, and as indicated, these forms are available through the company's website.

Some government services require a letter confirming pregnancy and/or a pregnancy verification form to qualify for certain programs such as Medi-CAL or state subsidized prenatal care. However, medical verification of pregnancy is not always a requirement, notes the California Department of Health Care Services. Its Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnancy Women is so termed because it does not require medical verification of pregnancy. This program allows low-income pregnant women to receive immediate and temporary prenatal care in the interim pending a Medi-CAL application. The program includes outpatient prenatal care by what it deems a qualified provider, as well as prenatal prescription drug coverage.

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