Will You Have Less Side Effects by Applying RADIESSE on the Nose?


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Applying Radiesse to the nose is the same as applying it to other parts of the face. There are no reported differences in side-effect severity, although since the product is not normally applied to the nose, neither the FDA nor Radiesse has any record of testing the area.

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The Radiesse company warns that patients with severe allergies should not use Radiesse. The most common side effects experienced by Radiesse users, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, are bruising at the site of the injection, swelling and redness. Other reported side effects are whiteheads, numbness, dryness, burning sensation or pain, rash and peeling.

Although the side effects are rare, patients can expect similar results when applying Radiesse to the nose. The most severe side effect of Radiesse is the appearance of hard nodules or bumps under the skin, as noted by WebMD. These nodules or bumps are permanent and may require surgery to remove.

The Radiesse company recommends treatment for the most typical side effects of the tissue filler. Patients should use an ice pack on the swollen or painful area, and the symptoms should disappear quickly. Patients should also avoid sun exposure and not apply makeup to the affected area for 24 hours after treatment. Radiesse users should discuss use of the tissue filler on the nose with their doctor.

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