Is Leptin Found in Food?


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Leptin is not found in food and is actually a hormone that influences weight, appetite and other health factors, reports WebMD. However, food does play a role in influencing how much leptin is in the body and how it functions.

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Leptin is the hormone that tells the brain how much fat is in the body and how the fat should be broken down, which ultimately means that leptin helps to control appetite and the metabolism. To increase leptin in the body and the body's ability to react to leptin, people should make healthy food choices and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It is also important for people to take omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements or eat enough Omega-3 essential fatty acids through food such as ground flax seed, beans, fish and walnuts, lists the Huffington Post.

As important and helpful as leptin can be in maintaining a proper weight and weight loss, there is such a thing as leptin resistance, writes WebMD. With leptin resistance, the body doesn't react to the signals from the leptin and does not increase metabolism or decrease appetite as needed. Leptin resistance is caused by many factors, such as lack of sleep, excess amounts of stress, minimal exercise and poor food choices, such as processed or fast food.

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