What Does a Leprosy Patient Look Like?


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Patients with leprosy have skin growths, discolored skin lesions and stiff skin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Leprosy also causes nose problems, such as nosebleeds and stuffy noses. Patients with leprosy have nerve damage and muscle weakness, leading to uncoordinated movements and potential disfiguration.

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Untreated leprosy causes nerve damage, which often results in physical deformities. However, leprosy itself does not cause limbs to fall off, explains American Leprosy Missions. Nerve damage in the limbs means the person is unable to feel discomfort or injury, potentially resulting in infection, amputation or deformities. Facial nerve damage may lead to blindness if the person becomes unable to blink. While untreated leprosy causes serious health issues, the disease can be cured with antibiotic treatments.

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