How Do You Lengthen a Leg to Increase Height?


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The only way to lengthen the leg to increase height is through a surgical procedure, according to MedlinePlus. During the surgery, the doctor cuts the bone of the leg, places pins in the bone, and then places a metal device that slowly pulls the bone apart over time.

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The surgery for lengthening a bone takes place under general anesthesia, and the process is lengthy, as the bone must slowly come apart and regrow, explains MedlinePlus. This procedure can add about 6 inches to the leg, but it can take up to a year to do this, and the pins and metal device must stay in the bone until the leg reaches the chosen length. Following the surgery, the patient usually stays in the hospital for up to a week, and for every centimeter the doctor lengthens the bone, it takes an average of 36 days to heal.

There are risks of this surgery, especially when using anesthesia, such as allergic reactions, breathing problems, infections, bleeding and blood clots, states MedlinePlus. Other risks of the surgery include restriction of the bone growth, bone infection, blood vessel injury, nerve damage and poor healing. This surgery has a high rate of complications and only has about a 40 percent chance of being fully successful.

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