What Is a Lemon Water Diet?


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According to LemonWaterDiet.org, the lemon water diet is based on drinking lemon water to detoxify the body and improve digestion. Cleansing the colon and liver is merely one benefit, states LemonWaterDiet.org; other benefits include losing weight, clearing up acne, relieving tooth aches and freshening breath. The lemon cleanse diet originates from the book,"Master Cleanse Secrets: Reclaim Your Health in 10 Days or Less."

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What Is a Lemon Water Diet?
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WeightLossResources.co.uk breaks the diet down into the seven day diet plan and menu. Before the seven days, dieters do a 24-hour detoxify drinking large quantities of only lemon water and eating from a small list of approved foods. Day one focuses on starting the day by drinking lemon juice in filtered water and continuing to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. Day two boosts the fruit and vegetable intake to increase vitamin C, which helps with nutrient absorption and metabolism. Day three begins the sprinkling of lemon juice over food while cooking to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This day also focuses on ensuring regular meals consist of lean proteins and fiber-filled carbohydrates. Day four cuts out sugary and processed foods.

Day five eliminates foods with trans fat and favors foods with natural unsaturated fats, like fish and nuts. Day six increases fresh fruits and vegetables and decreases carbohydrates at night, which pack more calories and cause bloating. Day seven emphasizes healthy meal time habits, such as chewing more, not watching TV during dinner and reducing stress. Both Shape.com and WeightLossResources.co.uk agree that the lemon water diet may work due to how it restricts unhealthy foods and promotes healthy eating habits, but there is little science to back up the claim that lemon water actually detoxifies the liver and colon.

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