What Is the Lemon Treatment for Keloids?


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To treat keloids with lemons, squeeze the juice from a lemon and apply it to the affected area. Allow the juice to sit for 30 minutes, then remove it gently with warm water. Maanasi Radhakrishnan for StyleCraze recommends repeating this treatment at least once daily for several weeks until improvement is noted. The vitamin C in lemons is thought to work as a powerful antioxidant that repairs skin damage.

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Keloids are a specific type of raised scar that usually appear abruptly and do not stop growing like normal scars should, according to MedicineNet. They are usually pink or purple in color and have a smooth, shiny, irregularly shaped surface. Keloids differ from normal scars in that they may present after an injury has occurred, and they tend to grow past the border of the originating wound. They can sometimes even occur spontaneously, not related to an injury.

Keloids are commonly seen on the face as acne scars, on the chest from previous pimples and at the site of an ear piercing. They can be itchy, tender or even painful to the touch, says MedicineNet. Keloids are usually treated through cortisone injections, surgical removal, laser therapy, silicone gel sheets, cryotherapy, chemotherapy injections or radiation. Surgery has the potential to trigger additional keloid growth at the site of the removal.

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