How Is Leg Muscle Pain Treated Naturally?


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Natural methods that are used to relieve leg muscle pain include stretching and massage. However, appropriate treatment for leg pain depends on the underlying case, states Healthline.

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Leg pain that is caused by excessive activity may be treated with ice applications four times a day for a few days. Resting or elevating the legs are other at home methods for easing leg pain. Non-prescription pain relievers may also help, according to Healthline. Examples of natural herbs that are known to have some pain relieving properties are white willow bark, boswellia, curcumin and ginger, reports About.com.

White willow bark contains compounds that are similar to aspirin. Boswellia helps fight the chemicals that cause inflammation. Curcumin and ginger also have anti-inflammatory properties, explains About.com. A study conducted in 2005 suggested that ginger reduced pain and inflammation more effectively than non-steroidal drugs such as aspirin, but taking these herbs may not help the underlying cause, which needs to addressed in order to regain optimal health.

If the leg pain becomes worse, both legs are swollen or if it hurts to walk and the pain lasts more than a few days, individuals should seek medical help, Healthline advises. Symptoms associated with leg pain that require immediate medical attention include a fever, the leg being red and warm or cool and pale, an inability to place weight on it, or the leg being completely immobile.

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