Why Does My Left Eye Keep Twitching?

Eye twitching is a repetitive, involuntary movement of the eye muscles that may be caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, caffeine or be a sign of a medical condition, including blepharitis, dry eyes, pinkeye or light sensitivity, according to WebMD. It could also be a nerve or brain disorder symptom.

Lack of enough sleep, stress and use of drugs such as alcohol and caffeine may cause a minor twitch. It could also be caused by irritation of the cornea, conjunctiva or be a reaction to certain medical prescriptions, such as drugs used to treat epilepsy and psychosis, according to WebMD.

Eye twitching can be a minor eyelid twitch, hemi-facial spasm or benign essential blepharospasm, according to WebMD. Benign essential blepharospasms can be caused by environmental factors such as light or genetic characteristics. Hemi-facial spasms are rare, usually affect one side of the face and mostly occur when an artery presses on a nerve to the facial muscles.

Eye twitches are usually painless, but if they persist for long or are severe, they could cause the eye to remain shut for several minutes to hours. Getting enough rest or reducing intake of alcohol, caffeine or tobacco often eliminates the eye twitch, according to WebMD. If the twitch remains, it is imperative to see a doctor for a medical examination.