How Do You Learn Medical Shorthand Symbols?

How Do You Learn Medical Shorthand Symbols?

The best way to learn medical shorthand symbols is by taking classes in the subject, and by learning medical symbols and shorthand, patients can easily decipher medical records and prescriptions, notes MedicineNet. Find free classes online at sites such as those of Des Moines University, Upstate University Hospital and University of Minnesota.

Those who want to learn medical shorthand have a number of available options when it comes to education on the subject.

The Medical Terminology course offered by Des Moines University is free, but participants will not receive certification at the end of the course. For a fee of around $75 as of 2015, students can request a certificate at the end of class, states Des Moines University. To sign up for the course, visit the Des Moines University website at If a certificate is required, click the button that says "Register to Receive a Certificate." Otherwise, click "Start the Free Online Medical Terminology Course. "Read the introductory paragraph at the top of the page and click "Continue" to take the course.

Upstate University Hospital offers a free glossary of medical terms on its website. Using this glossary means those who want to learn medical shorthand and terminology can do so at their own pace, for free.

Visit the Upstate Medical University website at and type "Glossary" in the search bar at the top of the screen. Click the first link that appears at the top of the page called "Glossary of Medical Terms." Review the list and its abbreviations or click the link titled "Glossary of Medical Terms PDF Download."