How Do You Get Lean Muscle?

How Do You Get Lean Muscle?

To get lean muscle, eat frequently, do weight training at least three times a week and engage in regular cardiovascular exercise. Stay hydrated, take a muscle-building supplement and reduce stress. Speak to a doctor before beginning any fitness regimen or taking supplements.

  1. Eat small meals frequently

    People often make the mistake of eating less when trying to lose weight and gain lean muscle. Unfortunately, you cannot build muscle without enough fuel from food. Eat several small meals that include plenty of protein and fat every couple hours.

  2. Do weight training and cardiovascular exercise

    Weight training builds lean muscle and helps burn fat and calories. Engage in weight training at least three times weekly and up to six times a week for the best results. Cardiovascular activity gets your blood flowing and helps your body deliver nutrients to your muscles. Engage in moderate cardiovascular exercise a few times a week.

  3. Take a muscle building supplement, and reduce stress

    Many bodybuilding experts suggest consuming muscle-building supplements to aid the process of developing lean muscle. Speak to a doctor before using any supplements. Keep your body and muscles hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and reduce stress, as stress can contribute to weight gain.