How Do You Get Lean Legs?


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You can achieve leaner legs through a combination of diet, targeted strength training and cardiovascular exercises. These not only trim fat, but also improve leg muscularity and flexibility.

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Your diet should consist of decreased caloric and carbohydrate intake and frequent small meals. Caloric intake should not decrease to below 1,200 calories for women or 1,800 for men. Replace foods high in carbohydrates with lean proteins and foods low in carbohydrates, such as green leafy vegetables. Smaller, more frequent meals increase metabolism and help the body sustain energy to assist in weight loss.

Strength training exercises, such as lunges, leg lifts, squats and bridges, help trim fat, build strength and firm up the legs. Perform these exercises at home, the gym or outside using body weight. Although optional, you can use 10- or 15-pound weights to add resistance and help achieve visible results faster.

Perform 30 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, five days per week. For beginners, choose simple, moderately intense exercises that directly use the legs, such as power walking, jogging or elliptical trainers. For a more advanced targeted workout, incorporate some high intensity interval training into your routine to get rid of stubborn leg fat on alternate days.

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