How Do I Get a Lean Body?


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Getting a lean body is a complex process that can take more than a month to complete. You need a notebook to track calories, access to a safe place to exercise and flexibility in your diet. As with any health change you decide to make, be sure to check in with a doctor to ensure you are beginning a safe diet.

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  1. Exercise regularly

    Begin exercising every day. Adding an hour of intense physical activity to your daily schedule can help burn additional calories. This will expedite the weight loss process and help you develop a much leaner body more quickly. Cardiovascular exercise is the most effective at burning calories, but you should also work on strength training.

  2. Count your calories

    Evaluate how many calories you consume every day. The key to losing weight and becoming leaner is to run a caloric deficit. By tracking the number of calories you take in, you can determine how much exercise is necessary to lose weight. If you reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories per day, you can lose up to 1 pound in a week.

  3. Increase protein intake

    Eat lots of protein from healthy sources. Increased protein consumption can lead to lower levels of fat. Egg whites, lean meat, non-fat dairy and fish are all excellent sources of protein for someone who is attempting to slim down.

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