What Is a Leaky Belly Button?


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A leaky belly button occurs due to a number of reasons, including bacterial infections, fungal infections, urachal cysts, benign or sebaceous cysts and candida, according to Steven Goodman for EmbarrassingIssues. Fluid discharge from the belly button should be looked at by a doctor, especially if it contains blood.

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Leaky belly buttons are not as uncommon as people may think, notes Goodman. Those suffering with the condition are often reluctant to speak to anyone about it or seek treatment from a physician because it causes them to them feel awkward. The most likely cause for belly button discharge is a fungal or yeast infection. This type of infection is usually red and itchy and is often accompanied by a strong and unpleasant odor. It is easily treated with topical and oral antibiotics.

Goodman explains that fungi and bacteria have an effortless time proliferating inside a belly button because the area is dark and moist, and people may forget to clean it while showering. Bleeding may occur when the itching from a fungal infection causes a person to excessively scratch and break the skin. Goodman advises not doing this, as it may cause the bacteria or fungus to spread from the site of the originating infection to the lacerations, exacerbating the situation.

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