What Are Some Laws Related to Dentistry?


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One example of a law that applies to dentistry in Florida is that any person trying to become a certified dentist must complete the Laws and Rules Exam within 18 months of taking the clinical exam, as of 2015. Another Florida dentistry law is that dentists must keep written dental records for at least four years from the date of the patients most recent visit, according to the Florida Board of Dentistry.

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In Kentucky, patient records must be kept for a minimum of seven years from the date of the patients last visit. It is also required to keep patient records for up to two years after the death of the patient, as stated by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry. These records are required to include information about the patient such as their name, date of birth, medical history, dates of treatment and materials used in the treatment. They must also include what exactly was treated, any type of diagnostic, therapeutic or laboratory results and any post treatment instructions. If any anesthesia was used on a patient, the type and amount must also be documented as well as the date, type, dosage and quantity prescribed of any type of medication.

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