What Is the Law for Disposing of Diabetic Needles in New Jersey?


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New Jersey law prohibits an individual from disposing of needles or syringes in a public place, or a private place that is accessible to others, without first destroying the syringe or needle, according to BD. Private receptacles which may be accessed by others, including trespassers, are included in the prohibition.

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There are a number of options for individuals to properly dispose of needles or syringes, according to BD. The New Jersey Hospital Association offers a safe-disposal program under which an individual may obtain a rigid disposal container from a hospital for a minimal fee. Users may dispose of unclipped needles in the special container, then return it to the hospital for safe disposal. When a full container is returned, it may be exchanged for an empty one. Other options include checking with a physician or local health department to find out if they accept needle waste.

Household disposal requires destruction of the needles or syringes prior to disposing, states BD. Patients should place needles in a well-labeled rigid container, such as a 2-liter soda bottle or a laundry detergent bottle with a cap. Needles must be clipped, and the container must be sealed prior to disposal in a household garbage bin. Individuals must not dispose of the container in a recycle bin.

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