How Do You Do Laughter Yoga?

How Do You Do Laughter Yoga?

How Do You Do Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is the practice of using forced laughter to produce the same psychological and physiological benefits real, spontaneous laughter is believed to give. The laughter yoga technique begins with warm-up exercises, followed by the laughter exercise. It ends with 15 minutes of laughter meditation.

  1. Begin the session with warm-up exercises

    Yoga instructors instruct the participants to perform warm-up exercises, such as talking gibberish and tongue swindling, in order to express joy. Participants start off doing these exercises quietly, then increase the volume as they get more comfortable. People who practice laughter yoga alone often warm-up in front of a mirror.

  2. Perform the laughter exercises

    There are several different laughter exercises a yoga instructor can use. The greeting laughter technique involves the participants walking around the room and greeting each other with a laugh. The argument laughter technique involves participants arguing with each other with laughter. Another technique, the heart laughter technique, has the participants laugh together as they hold hands or hug.

  3. End the session with laughter meditation

    The session ends with 15 minutes of laughter meditation, which involves the participants breathing deeply and laughing when they feel like it. Gradually, the laughter winds down to a period of deep relaxation.