What Are the Latest Treatments for Morton's Neuroma of the Foot?


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As of 2015, the latest treatments for Morton's neuroma of the foot include proper-fitting shoes, resting the foot and anti-inflammation medication, states MedicineNet. If symptoms persist, a surgical procedure can remove the swollen nerve tissue in the ball of the foot.

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Morton's neuroma of the foot is a painful condition caused by thickening of the tissue around nerves leading to the toes, states Medical News Today. It causes a sharp, burning pain while walking. Sometimes toes become numb and tingling, due to the thickened tissue pressing on nerves. This fibrous growth is called a perineural fibroma.

Ill-fitting footwear is often the culprit for this disorder, particularly high-heeled shoes, states Mayo Clinic. High-impact sports are also a contributor, especially when foot-gear is tight, such as that used in ski equipment.

Unusual foot features such as bunions, hammertoes and high arches can lead to Morton's neuroma, because instability of the toe joints is often present in these conditions, says the Cleveland Clinic.

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