Why Does Lasik Monovision Take so Long to Work?

The Monovision Lasik procedure involves an adjustment period that may take a few weeks, say experts at the Palmer Eye Center. This adjustment period occurs because the brain has to become accustomed to monovision, and some people adjust more quickly than others.

Lasik Monovision surgery involves correcting the dominant eye to see at a distance and the non-dominant eye to see nearer objects, says the Stanford Eye Laser Center. Lasik Monovision is one of the most common Lasik procedures that patients undergo, and people who choose the procedure are typically those who lose the ability to focus, or naturally accommodate near to far vision, with the natural lens in their eye. This condition, called presbyopia, is a common eye ailment in viewing near to far objects afflicting those aged 40 and older, suggests the Palmer Eye Center.

Patients who receive Lasik Monovision may experience worsening eyesight for several days or even a few weeks. Many people notice the difference while driving at night, says the Palmer Eye Center. The center suggests that Lasik patients speed up their recovery process by ignoring the brain’s adjustment. Focusing too much on the different visions in the eyes may impede the brain’s ability to fix eyesight on its own.