How Does Laser Treatment Work in Removing Broken Capillaries?


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Laser treatment uses light to remove the blood that has damaged the vessel and caused it to appear red in the first place, explains Advanced Dermatology, P.C. The vessel disappears, giving the skin its natural color once again. Lasers treat the area containing the broken blood vessels without damaging surrounding tissue,

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When capillaries burst, red lines appear under the skin, both on the face and elsewhere on the body, explains Advanced Dermatology, P.C. On the face, they generally concentrate on the cheeks, chin or nose. The most common causes for broken capillaries include aging, childbirth, estrogen replacement therapy, pregnancy, rosacea, sun damage and birth control pills.

Before the laser treatment, the doctor may apply ice or topical anesthetic to the vessel to minimize patient discomfort. Capillaries generally only require one treatment, and the lasers generally have a safe, reliable reputation, according to according to Advanced Dermatology, P.C. Larger blood vessels may necessitate more than one treatment and may only result in improvement rather than full repair. After the treatment, the skin may appear discolored for up to two weeks, but the skin should return to its normal tone after that time. Blistering, redness and even crusting may occur, but these conditions generally resolve within a few days. Applying sunscreen to the treated area is usually helpful.

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