Does Laser Therapy Work to Help Regrow a Head of Hair?

Does Laser Therapy Work to Help Regrow a Head of Hair?

Laser therapy uses infrared light to stimulate and promote hair growth on the head, according to Leonard Hair Transplant Associates. Its versatility makes it ideal for men and women with hair loss problems because it stops further deterioration. Hair transplant patients use laser therapy as a follow-up treatment to stimulate faster healing and regrowth.

Clinical studies indicate that low-level light therapy that uses laser technology promotes hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia, a form of hair loss, according to Apira Science. The absorption of the low-level light into cells triggers cellular activity, which facilitates hair growth.

Dermatologists in the United States recommend laser devices such as iGrow for people experiencing hair loss. Laser therapy offers treatment that restores hair and makes it fuller and healthier without the need for surgery, as Leonard Hair Transplant Associates explains.

Laser therapy uses light within the 650 to 670 nano-meter range, which is the recommended wavelength for effective absorption into cells and for hair growth. Hand-held laser devices designed for home use provide varying levels of energy output. Most cover a small area on the scalp and require users to move a device repeatedly over an area for the desired results, as Apira Science notes.

The light emitted by a laser device enhances cellular metabolism, blood flow and oxygen supply to hair follicles, as Leonard Hair Transplant Associates explains. While the treatment causes hair to move from the resting phase to the growing phase, the long-term safety of laser therapy and its effectiveness are unknown as of 2015, WebMD reports.