What Laser Surgery Options Are Available to Get Rid of Finger and Toenail Fungus?


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There is one laser surgery option for nail fungus, which as carbon-dioxide laser therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. This laser surgery option works in conjunction with antifungal nail cream. Other treatments for nail fungus include removal of the nail and medications.

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Oral antifungal drugs, medicated nail polish and nail cream are all treatment options for nail fungus, explains Mayo Clinic. Oral drugs, such as Lamisil, help new nails grow without the fungal infection. Doctors prescribe this medication for six to 12 weeks, but it can take around four months or more for the infection to disappear. Treatment with oral medications is typically good, but the success rate for those over the age of 65 is lower than other adults. When taking oral medications with topical treatments, the success rate is usually higher.

Medicated nail polish and cream are also methods for treating nail fungus, states Mayo Clinic. To use these, a patient must paint or apply the medication topically, usually once per day. The nail polish may take up to a year to fully remove the infection, but if using the topical cream, thinning the nails may speed along the results. To thin the nails, a doctor may suggest an over-the-counter lotion with urea, or the doctor might debride the nail with a file.

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