How Does Laser Plantar Wart Removal Work?


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Laser surgery removes plantar warts by burning the tissue with an intense light beam, according to eMedicineHealth. The procedure generally takes place in a doctor's office, and patients frequently receive local or general anesthetic, depending on the number of removals that are needed.

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How Does Laser Plantar Wart Removal Work?
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After the laser removal takes place, it is normal for the wound to cause pain for several days. The precise time for recovery varies with the location of the warts and the number that the doctor removed. However, if bleeding lasts over a week, the wound produces a smelly or yellow discharge, the patient experiences severe pain or a fever sets in, a doctor should be consulted, reports eMedicineHealth.

Laser removal for plantar warts is an option when other options have failed and wart removal is necessary, the warts are big and spread out over the foot, or the wart treatment takes place during pregnancy. However, the rate of effectiveness is not significantly better than that of electrosurgery or cryosurgery, according to eMedicineHealth.

Laser surgery does come with some risks, particularly with regard to infection. Signs that infection has set in include a fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit without any other cause, pus discharge, red streaks running from the wound, and an increase in swelling, redness, pain or heat around the wound, states eMedicineHealth.

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